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Verity Systems SV91M NATO Approved Degausser

Government security approved degaussing of hard drives and backup tapes

The SV91M NATO approved degausser is ideal for the security conscious, low volume operator who wants to have a professional, low budget solution to eliminate magnetic media security risks. The SV91M high energy bulk degausser is a low noise, table mounted, manually operated degaussing tool, takes as little as 12 seconds to completely erase a cassette.  Suitable for erasing DLT, DAT, PC hard drives and other high coercivity tapes. The Verity SV91M degausser is particularly recommended for erasing defective or damaged drives where other types of erasure systems may not be effective.  

Verity Systems SV91M NATO Degausser - The Benefits

  • Bulk erasure of variety of magnetic media e.g. metal drives, tapes etc. 
  • NATO approved 
  • Completely erases data from cassettes in twelve seconds and 3 minutes to degauss a hard drive 
  • Easy to use
  • A thorough and cost-effective degaussing method

Media Handing: Degausses all standard hard drives & all backup tapes

Erase Time: 12 seconds typ.

Magnetic Force: 7,000 Gauss

Throughput: 20 hard drives/40 back-up tapes per hour