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We are a company providing professional data recovery and data erasure service, our team members have over 10 years’ experience in the industry, we can handle most storage including USB flash drive, hard disk, SSD, server etc. We also provide professional data erasure service to help you destroy all the data permanently and IT asset disposition service to help you handle used IT equipment.

We are the distributor of VS Security Products from UK which is the manufacturer of professional degausser and destroyer. We are also the distributor of MEJW and U-Reach from Taiwan which manufacture professional data erasure equipment.

We can provide our service in Hong Kong and Taipei, we are expanding and more areas will be covered in the future.

Our Services

Data recovery service

What is data recovery? Data recovery is a service that help you to recover data from your computer / hard disk / mobile phone etc. The process is quite complicated, for example if a hard disk was not working, it maybe the problem of the read/write head inside, in that case we need to replace the head in a clean environment so that we can recover the data, if there is serious scratch on the disk platter data may not be able to recover. Other than that we can also help to recover deleted data, we only charge you if data can be recover successfully.

Data erasure service

Data erasures service help you to erase the data permanently, different device we use different method to handle, we are the distributor of VS Security Product from UK, which manufacture professional degausser and destroyer, we are also the distributor of MEJW and U-Reach from Taiwan, which manufacture professional data erasure products. After the degaussing or erasure process report can be generate for record keeping.

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