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This section is intended to help you find answers to the most frequently asked questions that we respond to including a degaussing definition. If you cannot find your question listed, then please contact us today and we will be pleased to help.

It depends, if there are scratches on the disk platter there maybe some data loss, if the disk was scratched seriously data may not be able to recover, we do not have any charge if data cannot be recovered.

Data erasure service help you to completely erase the data from a storage device, if you are going to dispose a storage device which has contain sensitive information before, you need to preform data erasure service to ensure all data has been erased completely.

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What is data erasure?

數據銷毀 (Data Erasure) 主要針對儲存資料嘅電子設備, 包括電腦入面嘅 hard disk, memory card, 電話等等可以儲存資料嘅設備, 當你需要處理呢啲設備, 例如壞咗或者唔再用要棄置嘅時候, 就有需要先將入邊嘅資料徹底銷毀. 如果係電腦做普通format hard disk 係唔可以將資料徹底刪除, 通過數據恢復軟件有機會將資料還原, 如果hard...