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ITAD – IT Asset Disposition

Help you to manage obsolete IT equipment and securely erase all the data

  1. Consultation – don’t know what to do? We can provide a full proposal of what you can do, how to handle the equipment, how to securely remove the data, and how to comply with your audit report.
  1. We collect all the obsolete IT equipment and record the model and SN of each unit. We can also help you to dismount servers, networking systems, etc.
  1. We remove all the storage devices inside the IT equipment, including hard disks, tapes, memory cards, etc. 
  1. We use appropriate methods to completely erase the data from the device and comply with different kinds of security policies, such as the OGCIO HKSAR Government IT Security Policy and Guidelines, GDPR, NIST, etc. We can provide the erasure service on-site or off-site.

The methods we use for the erasure process are:

  • For hard disks: degaussing, wipingphysical destruction
  • For SSDs: secure erase, physical destruction
  • For tapes: degaussing, physical destruction
  • For mobile phones: wiping, physical destruction
  1. A full erasure report with the model and SN of each device, processing date, and time will be provided to the customer.
  1. We evaluate IT equipment, repair, refurbish, and resell if there is resale value. The resale amount can cover part of the cost of processing.
  1. For equipment with no value, we break it down into parts or raw materials for recycling purposes, complying with environmental policy.