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Data Recovery Service

What is data recovery? Data recovery is a service that help you to recover data from your computer / hard disk / mobile phone etc. The process is quite complicated, for example if a hard disk was not working, it maybe the problem of the read/write head inside, in that case we need to replace the head in a clean environment so that we can recover the data, if there is serious scratch on the disk platter data may not be able to recover. Other than that we can also help to recover deleted data, we only charge you if data can be recover successfully.

Charges are based on 2 types of situations

Logical problem

  • recover deleted data
  • recover data after reinstall Windows
  • partition partition problem, Windows asking you to format the partition
Price range for the above situation is $1000-3000, official quotation will be available after free inspection, free inspection takes around 10 mins

Hardware problem

  • the device cannot be recognized
  • hard failure
  • PCB failure
  • cannot power on

Since we need extra parts to handle the hardware problem and we also need to handle in clean environment, the price for the process will be higher, the price range will be depending on the capacity of the storage

IDE/SATA/USB Hard disk

2TB or below $2500 – $4000

3TB – 6TB $4000 – $7000

We can also handle RAID disks, price is based on the price range times the number of disks, also it is based on the complication of the problem, normally we need to inspect half to one day before we can provide the official quotation.

For SSD, USB flash drive and memory card, in many cases the problem is the controller chip failure, we can use professional tool to simulate the calculation of the controller, so that we can recover the data, the price range is based on the capacity.

512GB or below $2500 – $4000

1TB – 2TB $4000 – $8000

Call us now, or fill in the data recovery form for free pick up and free inspection.