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Data Erasure Service

Data erasures service help you to erase the data permanently, different device we use different method to handle, we are the distributor of VS Security Product from UK, which manufacture professional degausser and destroyer, we are also the distributor of MEJW and U-Reach from Taiwan, which manufacture professional data erasure products. After the degaussing or erasure process report can be generate for record keeping:

  • for magnetic storage like hard disk, tape and floppy we use degausser to eliminate data by randomly changing the alignment of magnetic domains on the medium.
  • Other than degaussing we can use wiping method, we overwrite each sector of the device so that the original data was wiped and cannot be retrieve, the advantage of the wiping method is the device can be reuse again, hard disk, memory card can handle by this method
  • For SSD we can use secure erase, it will instruct the SSDs controller to apply an erase voltage to all NAND cells of the device This functionality provides a very fast, complete and robust erasure of the SSD. Beside that we can also use VSSP Crunch 250 destroyer to preform physically destruction.
  • For Smartphones or Ipad We can also destroy it physically, mainly destroy the devices ‘s memory chip

We can provide onsite service all the above method, we will issue certificate after the process the certificate include all the model and SN of the storage device. We can also help you to dispose the IT equipment which comply with EPD ordinance

We can also perform an onsite assessment, after that we can provide details proposal on how to handle all the storage and equipment


About Data Erasure Services

It depends on what method we use to erase the data, if we preform degaussing method then the hard disk cannot be use again, if we preform wiping process then the device can be use again.