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Verity Systems MediaGone 500 SSD and Flash Media Shredder

Solid State Drive & Flash Media Shredding

The MediaGone 500 from Verity Systems is a precision-designed shredder that securely destroys a wide range of media including solid state drives, flash drives, optical discs and smart phones with the press of a button.

Shredding particles to less than 4mm in width, the MediaGone 500 ensures total media destruction for operators in a wide range of industries.

With its transparent polycarbonate dome cover built with reinforced glass, users can safely view the shredding of SSDs, flash drives, discs or phones live as they go through the destruction process.

Illuminated by the latest LED lighting technology, the MediaGone 500 is the most efficient and easy-to-use shredder developed by Verity Systems to-date. Operated exclusively via its simple touch screen, users can access all its features including the option to choose fine or coarse cuts for specific shredded particle sizes.

The MediaGone 500 can be ordered either as a table top mounted model or fitted with its custom designed trolley for easy mobility. The table top version allows the operator to collect shredded material from its 5.3 litre drawer which can be simply removed when full. The trolley version comes with an infrared detection system, notifying the user via the display screen when the collection bin is full and needs emptying. The 25 litre collection bin is accessed through a clear polycarbonate door on the front of the unit.

Built with hardened, carbon steel cutters along with its high torque slip free drive, the unit delivers maximum power while still being able to run on a standard office power socket. Thermal sensors protect the units drive train from malfunction or damage.

Unlike our degaussers, which erase data through powerful magnetic fields, the MediaGone 500 shreds media into tiny pieces, ensuring the highest security destruction and rendering data completely unusable. Shredded particles can also be sent to specialised material companies for recycling if required.